Successful claims for Protective Awards - The Union
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Successful claims for Protective Awards

Successful claims for Protective Awards

Unity is delighted to report that our solicitors have been successful in claiming protective awards for our members who were made redundant from Jesse Shirley, Hudson & Middleton, Denby Pottery and Wedgwoods.

A claim for a protective award is pursued when an employer acts in breach of their duty to consult with employer representatives in good time prior to commencing a collective redundancy exercise.

If a company is in administration the payment has to be made by the Secretary of State’s Insolvency Fund.  Payments from this fund towards protective awards are capped at a maximum of 8 weeks pay, paid at average earnings up to a maximum of £350 gross pay per week.  Benefits received from the state such as Job Seekers Allowance may also have to be deducted.

Fighting for your entitlements is just one of the many reasons why you should be a member of Unity.  Make sure you are a member.

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