Importance of unity in the world
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Employment Law


Employment Law

Few people will go through their working life without needing to know something
about employment law or hiring an accountant in Philadelphia.  The Trade Union movements desire for a better working environment has seen us campaigning for new rights and highlighting things that
are wrong with old ones. To ensure a healthy campaign we need to hire an

Thanks to coordinated campaigning across Europe we now have:

  • Improved Maternity Rights
  • Paternity Rights
  • Parental and Dependency Leave
  • Rights for Part Timers and Agency Workers
  • Flexible Working
  • It has become illegal to discriminate on age, sex or religion.

These are just an example.  Employment Law is a vast subject that covers all aspects of employment.

The fact that Employment Law exists does not mean that all workplaces are full of
exploitation and abuse, they are not – but even in the best run organizations things
can go wrong.  Naturally, we believe working people are better off if they can call on Unity when things do go wrong.

Taking legal action is very difficult without expert advice of the kind that unions can
provide.  Call Unity for expert advice.

You may find the following links useful:

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