Celebration of Lifelong Learning - The Union
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Celebration of Lifelong Learning


Celebration of Lifelong Learning

On 27 October 2010, Brendan Barber (TUC General Secretary) attended Unity’s Celebration of Lifelong Learning event held at Unity Head Office in Hanley, Stoke on Trent. Employers, Training Providers, Union Learning Representatives, union learn and local politicians were present to hear first hand accounts of the benefits of education.  Learners expressed how education had improved their self-confidence, well-being and security whilst the employers emphasized the value of education to improve the profitability and sustainability. Certificates recognizing their contribution to Lifelong learning were presented to Employers, Training Providers, and Learners.Brendan praised the work of Unity the Union trailblazing ‘Lifelong Learning in the Workplace’, and Geoff Bagnall (Unity General  Secretary) stressed the importance of workplace learning and thanked employers for their ongoing support.

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